"Wherever you are, that is your platform." - Oprah Winfrey

My sweet readers, First, let me address that whoa, it has been a while. My last post came in over a month ago, but I promise this time I have some really good excuses for the major lag time. Since I last checked in here over a written blog, I've moved into a new house, moved out of my old one, had to deal with some serious repercussions of a dog who was NOT happy to be left home alone in said new house for the first time (bye bye, down comforter...), begun regular appearances as a millennial correspondent on Fox 26 Houston (thank you to all who have been watching!) and, perhaps worthy of the biggest "OMG" of all...

I got engaged!


I couldn't be more thrilled. Very luckily for type-A, let-me-do-everything-all-at-once-me, I've had many-a-tough lesson in understanding that it's actually impossible to do everything all at once, which is why I've given myself the totally divine permission to just sit back, relax and enjoy all of these exiting milestones over the past month. As you may be able to relate, my natural inclination is to give myself about a millisecond to enjoy even the most major of life events, before hastily moving on to obsess about all of the little things I let go undone while I allowed the millisecond to pass. Over the past year, I've realized that these  moments call us to treasure them with our time and attention because they are meant to be treasured, and that my inclination to "get back to work" will return naturally once I have fully absorbed what's in front of me and am finally ready to press onward.

So, while I can say that this "inclination" is slowly creeping back, I've found it important over the past month to take advantage of the smaller moments where I feel inspired to share perhaps less than a full-on blog post, but more of a short blurb or status update. I'm starting to get that it's important for me to speak from whatever platform I happen to be on that day because that's just the kind of person I am, and that the platform doesn't have to be exactly what I had in mind or "perfect" by any means. Perhaps in a conversation, I can voice something important so that just one person who needs to hear it can hear it. Or even better, maybe I can listen myself, not just when I'm in a university classroom, but when I'm having a random conversation with someone I just met on the sidewalk. Wisdom, guidance. all of it can come from anywhere, and we can deliver it from anywhere without powerful sound systems and cameras, if we are willing. When perfection becomes the ideal, the message gets lost or left entirely unsaid...and this goes for much more than just sharing a message. Instead of getting so caught up in the way I think I should be doing things, I can do them in the way that feels natural to me in the moment, even if it's not quite as grand as I'd imagined.   What Oprah once said about sharing a message has never rung truer:

"Wherever you are, that is your platform, your stage, your circle of influence. That is your talk show, and that is where your power lies."

Remember that perfection is not the name of the game. In fact, with all this talk we hear about "balance", I can't allow myself to believe that life was meant to be lived in such a way that we are to be completely at ease, firing on all cylinders equally at all times. When life calls for celebration, celebrate: there will be time for the harder work when it's time to work again. In the meantime, when the inspiration strikes, it needn't go to waste because you don't have your own talk show yet, or because your platform isn't perfectly painted. From wherever you are, there is someone who needs to hear you, if only you will speak.

I am truly thankful for all of those around me who have shared in my excitement, joy and hell-of-a-whole-lot-going-on over the past month. You all are seriously the best, and I look forward to continuing to write, vlog and whatever-else to you from this wonderful place I excitedly get to call my platform.


Laura Max