Waiting for the Wedding...When a Countdown just isn't enough for my passionate yet slightly (HORRIBLY) impatient heart

When I was a kid (which I still am), I used to scale the importance of my possessions and length of my activities by measuring them up against things I really wanted or loved. For example, I was obsessed with this XXXL sized "Patrick the pup" stuffed animal from FAO Schwartz that I knew cost $350.00. Every time I found out the price of anything that seemed overly expensive, I would say something like 'That's the same as like, 9 Patrick the Pups!' or however many Patrick the Pups you could get for what you were paying for the expensive thing. Nothing felt more important than acquiring a Patrick the Pup. I didn't understand why anyone would spend their money on anything else if they had the money to spend. On top of my little stuffed animal comparison, there was also the way I managed to deal with the (often excruciating) length of my activities, particularly extracurriculars. I was (read: am) horribly impatient, and getting to the end of my hour-and-a-half long ballet classes felt like torture. The only thing that would get me through was my favorite movie, Titanic: I knew it was just over three hours long, and since the movie would always fly by in my mind, I would say to myself "okay, you can get through this, it's just like watching half of Titanic!" So tonight, in all of my excitement for the day to arrive, I decided to Google a countdown to our wedding day. 13 whole days. It felt long (even thought it's not. At all.) But, I realized...that's the same as 322 hours. 322 hours! What was the first thing that popped into my head? 'Well, that's just the same as watching Titanic 107 times!'

So, essentially, if anyone needs me before the wedding...I'll obviously be watching Titanic.