VLOG: "How to Deal When You're Outside of Your Comfort Zone"

Just over a year ago, I was walking through Whole Foods in Boston and saw the Neale Donald Walsch quote "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone" sticking out on a card in front of me. I knew when I saw it it was some kind of foreshadowing, and I was right. Practically the next day, I wished my comfort zone farewell and have continued watching it get smaller and smaller in the distance. So, for this week's vlog, I'm weighing in on a question from my BFF Nico Padden on "How to Deal When You're Outside of Your Comfort Zone", with a few tips and tricks I've gained from my experiences stepping out of the box. Whether you're starting down a new path, trying on something new or letting go of something old, here are three of my favorite tricks that help make the ride a little easier. As always, major thanks to Stefani Twyford with Legacy Multimedia for her fabulous videography.