The Plight of a Perpetual People-Pleaser.

PartyPic I'm a sucker for someone with a negative attitude. Give me a room full of people with just one person in it who doesn't seem remotely satisfied with anything, and I'm on them like white on rice. Typically, I'll start my conversation with the agitated party or parties present by acting like I'm commiserating with them...but really im just trying my hand at being the one thing in the room that might not actually piss them off. You know, making sure they like me...because that should be the most important thing in my world, that everyone likes me...(***sarcastic cough***.)

I've been like this for most of my albeit short-so-far life: I'm a highly sensitive person, and if there are people around me who seem in any way disgruntled, it feels like my inherent obligation to un-disgruntle them as a one-man band. While this may well have scored me a few less-than-chipper friends over time, it mostly just gets me into a lot of trouble.

I gather that I act like such a chameleon because somewhere inside of me I believe it will make me happier to be more liked, but really, I am so much happier when I speak my truth. It's not natural for me - to disagree with someone and actually voice that - but sometimes the sacrifices I make in the interest of simply being "liked" aren't worth their payoff.
Opinions are as numerous and diverse as the colors in a spectrum - that's how it is for a reason, and that's why it's so important to have and voice our own. Even if there are some people who won't like me once I reveal my real stance in any given situation, I know one girl who totally will: