The One Thing You Have To Find If You Want To Succeed At Anything.

Alright guys, I'll start off by saying "sorry" for the click-bait title. It's just that I have something I REALLY want to share with you and I needed to be sure you read this... I've heard TWO successful people share the EXACT SAME ADVICE this week about what made their business go from start-up to smashing success, and I can't keep their guidance to myself for even a minute longer. You know when you're starting to find something to be true in your own life, and then you just hear it come out of someone else's mouth and you're like "YES! That's it!!!" I have to share that with everyone!? Well, that's how I feel right about now.

So, sometime last week I was checking out my friend Lindsey's blog. She's building a health coaching empire and writes a blog called "Spiritual Baddass"that you have to check out for all things body-and-self love related. Anyways, Lindsey was a college classmate and friend of mine, and I've been following her journey since before we graduated. When I was reading some of her newer stuff recently, I couldn't help but notice there was suddenly something very different about Lindsey: she'd gone from testing the coaching waters to being a coach in charge.

I commented on one of her posts that really stood out to me just to say something along the lines of "hey, I see you, and what you're doing is seriously awesome." She responded and told me she also noticed a change, and she knew just what was going on that was making such a positive difference in her work. After all of her searching, she stumbled upon something she might not have realized she was even looking for:

She'd finally found her voice.

I couldn't help but think about Lindsey all week...until someone else said the same thing to me! In my recent radio interview with Esther Freedman (which you can listen to THIS Sunday on KNTH 1070 AM at 3pm CST!), she told me that finally finding the voice of her kids clothing company Cuteheads was what made her go from "just starting out" in the kids clothing business to being a ball busting business owner with an Instagram following north of 30,000 (and dresses that sell out within an hour of being posted on social media!)

Okay, so what brings Lindsey and Esther together besides the fact that they've both found their voices and are watching their businesses grow because of it??? They both took a while to find them...and their voices came after lots and lots of talking (writing) and trying and putting themselves out there. We can only find our voice if we begin to use it, and use it generously.

I'm telling you this today because I too am on a constant journey toward finding my own voice and using it to spread the message in my heart with the world. My favorite lesson this week was learning not only how valuable it is to find and covet that voice, but that the only way I can find it is by continuing to use what I have and to use it as often as I can.

Want more great guidance from where that came from? This wisdom wasn't the only great advice I acquired from media-savvy entrepreneurs this week.Click here to check out my latest interview with Julie Weinstein, founder of "From Prosecco to Plaid", and read all about her take on happiness and why "slow and steady wins the race." (You can also check out Julie's interview with me on her blog here!)

I'm so excited to be passing on some of what I've learned that's meant so much to me on my own journey in the past few days. Head to my website by clicking the link below if you're looking for more to brighten your day. OR, if you want my latest delivered to your inbox weekly in an extra-special love letter like this one, click here to sign up for my weekly newsletter!


Laura Max