The key to getting what you want.

I'm a big dreamer. For my entire life, I've always had big ambitions, whether it was "being an ice skater on TV" as I liked to say when I was 3, or being the next Madonna (which is still a dream wouldn't exactly turn down if it knocked on my door...) As a big dreamer, I also get a lot of BIG ideas. Big ideas are great, but sometimes I get so caught up in a bunch of side projects that I lose focus and forget about my main goal. We all know what it's like to be distracted, and it's easy to get taken away from your primary objective. BUT, the key to getting what we want is KNOWING what we want in the first place. We can't reach people if we don't know what we're trying to tell them, and we can't get to where we're going unless we know where we want to go. If you're super proactive and you've written down your goals in the past, that's great! Here's the thing though: in order to be in touch with where we're headed, we have to see where we're headed every day.

So, what on earth am I talking about? Trust me, I'm getting there!

For years, I had a series of mentors encourage me to create vision boards. I finally surrendered and spent a few hours one day cutting up Oprah magazines (of course...) and pasting photos of what my "vision" looked like on two boards that would go on each side of my computer. Whenever I sat down to write, I saw those boards and remembered what I was really trying to say and where I really wanted me dreams to take me. I even included some reminders that I reallyam capable of going for the gold by adding photos of me "standing in my light". For example, I added a snapshot of myself doing a TV segment on CBS and a screenshot of a time when one of my blogs was #1 on

Life is distracting. Especially with smartphones, there's always someone there telling us what they want us to do and when they want us to do it. Don't let someone else's vision for your life get in the way of yours. Make a vision board and put it in a place you'll always see it so you can remember where you're headed each day (and how very capable you are of getting there!)

If you like this idea but aren't sure where to get started, take a look at my instagram for some inspirational quotes you can print off at your local Walgreens using the Walgreens App. My other favorite sources for great inspiration are magazines, your favorite inspirational websites, and your own Facebook page (for all those snapshots of you being a boss.)

With love and light,

Laura Max

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