Thank you for your endless inspiration, RIP Maya Angelou

MayaI found a biography of Maya Angelou in my high school library when I was about 17, and something moved me to learn more about this woman whose name and poetry I was somewhat familiar with but whose life I knew very little about. As I grew more acquainted with the story behind the woman who told her story so beautifully, I felt utterly inspired by someone who celebrated herself so jubilantly and dedicated her life to encouraging others to do the same through her art. Maya didn't have the desirable figure of Marilyn Monroe t0ward the end of her life, her arms would jiggle vibrantly when she danced and when she embraced those she loved, which were so many. Her body didn't look like the ones we aspire to mold ours into today, but there was no human figure I would have rather embodied than hers. She quickly became one of my biggest heroes, and I promised myself I would make it a point to live with the vivacious grace and tenacity she embraced gave the world. She exclaimed she was a child of God, as we all were, and that we have a right and a duty to carry out that blessing and share it with everyone we come across.

She spent her life cultivating her own light, teaching others to do the same, and letting anyone who didn't believe in her fall to the wayside. Her tenacity and vivacious grace will always be a force of guidance as her legacy lives on. You will be forever in my heart and the hearts of so many - RIP Maya Angelou.