Take a selfie and help bring an end to domestic abuse.

Count to 6. Sometime while you were counting, a woman in the U.S. was battered.

In 2012, 119 Texas women were killed by their male partner.

119 women.

In 2013, something extraordinary happened. AVDA (Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse), helped 1,800 victims and 1,300 abusers on their road to recovery.

Through legal advocacy, counseling services, youth outreach and BIPP (Battering Intervention and Prevention Services), AVDA is making an immeasurable difference in the lives of victims who need help and abusers who need help to stop.

AVDA has changed countless lives, but until about a month ago, I'd never heard of them. My guess is you probably haven't either. With AVDA's upcoming #endabuse campaign, all of that's about to change: help is available, and we're going to be sure people know where to go to get it.

I am extraordinarily proud to be part of a campaign that will bring more awareness to AVDA for the people who need it. I'm using my voice to help spread the word, but if we want everyone who needs help to find AVDA, we need your help to spread the word, too.

Will you join me in bringing an end to domestic violence?

Here's your only task:

  • Have someone take a picture of you holding up a sign that says "#endabuse" (or take a selfie!)
  • On May 27th, post it on your social media accounts with a link to the AVDA website and any tidbit about AVDA you want to share. The website is: www.avda-tx.org.

The Lone star state has a Texas-sized number of charities and philanthropic efforts. We're booming with movers and shakers who want to make a difference, and it's our imperative to make sure that people know these precious resources exist. I hope you'll join me in bringing an end to statewide domestic abuse.

With gratitude and appreciation,

Laura Max