Start Spreading the News...

I admit it: I had no intention of writing this morning at all. But then I woke up to an email from VistaPrint telling me "The clock is ticking, Laura," and of course felt that nagging sense of reverse-psychological motivation that one can only derive from a corporate email blast.  I took right to my laptop as a result, so thank you, VistaPrint.  It's been exactly 48 hours since I made the decision to start working out and blogging everyday again and so far, I'm on a huge roll. Not only do my butt cheeks have that "good burn" feeling after riding on a stationary bike for 25 minutes and pedaling as fast as I can to the sound of Delilah on 99.1 Light FM, but I'm also feeling reinvigorated in general from my decision to take the cap off of the overly carbonated soda bottle that is my heart and soul and let my creativity start flowing again. We'll see if I can keep it up for the next 48 hours, and then the 48 after that ... even though I am going to NEW YORK in two days, so I'm not sure how much intentional cardio I'll be able to sneak in while I'm there.

Of course, returning to the Big Apple after having not been there since I attempted to move there two years ago and did not have the luck I wanted is bringing up all sort of emotions for me. Should you not have been reading along as I posted under about nine different blog domains during this pivotal point of identity crisis in my life (heck, if I'm going to flail, I may as well have that reflect in my .com footprint as well,) it was quite the personal ordeal and recovery process when I landed back in Houston. I never imagined I would be here again, living out my early and mid-twenties when I should have been like the girls in "GIRLS", but somehow I could feel that the stars had aligned to bring me back here and couldn't deny that everything seemed to fall into place the longer I stayed.

And now I'm only days away from visiting a place my heart loves but my feet have never been able to stay planted. I'm so excited that apparently I'm even "cute" when I talk about how excited I am (this is all I can gather from why my boyfriend keeps asking me to tell him "how excited" I am about our upcoming trip, prompting me to start squealing and chuckling like a four year old and talking faster and faster…) I didn't think I would be this excited when I booked the trip, but those of you who know me well know there's something special about New York for me that can't be described or replaced. It's where I was born, where I lived until I was 6, and where I spent countless nights as an only child listening to Frank Sinatra and enjoying the remnants of my parents' Studio 54 New York that is no longer but still remains in my heart as though I somehow lived it myself. Even hearing a New York accent gets me all giddy, which is what I'll use to rationalize/explain the fact that I've watched what must be close to every episode ever of Say Yes to the Dress...

Where would you live if you could be anywhere but where you are? Would you keep your feet planted, travel and come back home, or move to a whole new city? Tell me your thoughts in the comments section below!

Until my next corporately induced bout of guilt,

Laura Max