Six Unconventional Ways to Find Guidance

Guidance is right in front of us...if we choose to look for it. They say that if we can count our friends on one hand, we're lucky. Having just one best bud who brings on the sunshine when the going gets tough can feel like a big enough blessing. Sure, we hope to have a handful of people to call on when we need to, but when it comes to our nearests and dearests, I find it's really about quality over quantity.

But whether or not we have one sole BFF, a whole handful of them, or the Motley Crue at our side, there's no denying that most of our days are spent without those partners in crime.  No matter who is in our life and how close we are with them, the 9-5 is often filled with clients, paperwork and no compadres to speak of.

Here are six ways to find guidance and inspiration when the Monday blues start kicking in and your trusted confidants are out of sight:

1. Touch the clock, it's 11:11. Yes, just like you did when you were a kid.  It's said that when you see a clock at 11:11, it's a sign that the angels are watching over you, or that they're reminding you you're a "lightworker." Others believe it's a sign of synchronicity, or that they angels are trying to get your attention so they can tell you something even bigger. I'm not kidding when I tell you that almost every day, I look up at the clock right at 11:11 (both AM and PM.)  Now that you know this little trick, I bet you'll see 11:11 a whole lot more often.

2. Turn up the Radio. No, not to drown out the sounds of your boss still yacking in your head, though that's a good idea too.  A song can tell us just what we need to hear, right when we need to hear it.Try it next time you're in the car are listening to Pandora at your desk. It works.

3. Meditate. Yeah, yeah, I know, there's a reason why this isn't at the top of my list - I'm not the biggest fan of getting quiet either.  But I must say, even if I can't hear guidance when I've quieted all of the other voices in my head, I still find a certain calm within myself that cannot be replaced when I meditate. That serenity can carry me through my day.

4. Open your eyes to what's in front of you.  How often have I needed a pep talk and not even known it? I'll look ahead of me only to see some quote on the wall or Facebook status that says exactly what I need to hear. Guidance doesn't have to come in the ways we expect it to: it's often right in front of us if we're willing to let go of our expectation of what it should look like.

5. Listen closely.  Sure, your crazy coworker who drives you up the wall isn't exactly your guru, but they might have something to say that, when taken out of the context, is really valuable within the context of your life.

6. Look up. If all else fails, that's often all it takes.