QUOTES: Albert Einstein on the trials of being a badass

Albert, famed wizard and dream chaser, paved the way for future dream-chasers with his wisdom. People, adults, tell us when we enter kindergarten that we should follow our dreams.  What they don’t tell us, though, is how we will likely (if not absolutely) face some serious violent opposition from those who wouldn’t dare step out onto the same precipice.

I mean violent.

I am short on time this morning (though I truly wish I wasn’t), so while I would love to carry on with a few tales of triumph over cynical tongue, I’ll just put this lovely Albert Einstein quote out there, which moved me in a big way when I read it on Wayne Dyer’s facebook page last night: (note: follow Wayne Dyer on Facebook.  He will make you feel awesome.)

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

Now, I’m not encouraging the condemnation of “mediocre minds”, nor do I actually believe anyone’s mind was actually born mediocre – it just simply became so after several other mediocre minds told it to. What I’m saying is that we, as artists, and as people in general, need take great care when deciding whom to let into OUR minds.  Often, the only thing that determines whether or not we’ll execute on a great idea is whom we chose to share that idea with in the first place. If instead of sharing it with a human you shared it only with the committee of judges and jurors who live in your head, then might I suggest you fire them and employ a new committee?

You are the landlord up there, after all.


Laura Max