Overnight Success: It doesn't happen overnight.

A very good friend of mine once told me that a very good friend of his told him, in three words, something that has changed my business/everything practice ever since. In just three words, my friend's friend eliminated so much of the pain that so many of us feel because we're worried we can't "get there fast enough." We're worried that the seemingly slower pace of our stride to success might come at the cost of success itself. What if I'm not on time and I fail? What if I don't win the race? While many of us feel harried trying to become Beyonce, we forget that Beyonce, like Rome, was not built in a day. The advice from my friend's friend is still my go-to whenever I'm in a frustrated pinch: Slow is REAL.

Slow is real. Overnight is not. Good things take time. We are meant to stumble, fall, have set backs and get back up again. Real progress takes time. Whatever is WORTH IT takes time. If we think we are worth it, we will give ourselves all the time it takes.

What are you dreaming about today? What project have you started that you can't forget about it? It's okay if only one person reads what you write today, nay, the most important thing is that you at least write something. Or maybe it's a phone call that could give your business a good push in the right direction. Today it's a phone call, tomorrow it's coffee, and maybe a month from now you're a whole lot of little steps further along than you ever imagined you'd be. All big things started small, and a bunch of small steps can take us around the world if we take the time to stay on our tracks.

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