My Favorite Way to Get a Fresh Start

I feel like a pretty lucky girl most of the time: I work from home for a non-profit organization I truly adore, and when I'm not working for said organization, I'm working on The Light Files - my #1 passion project. Working from home has tons of perks, but if you have a real love for what you're doing, you know one thing is true: it's pretty darn easy to make it from morning until night without taking a single step outside. For the most part, I really enjoy what I'm working on all day, so it's easy to just stay glued to my screen and take on task after task until dinner time. That said, I wind up feeling totally drained if I don't stretch out my legs and make some dedicated time to get some breathing space each day.

Just 15 minutes walking outside makes all the difference (and my dog totally appreciates the extra walk, too.) I get to recalibrate, check in with myself, and let some fresh air make it into my soul and up to my brain and so I don't wind up feeling depleted.

Even if you think you're not in the mood (or if it's blistering hot outside like it is here in Texas), take time to be outdoors. Something about being in nature (or among the tall buildings...) always gives me fresh ideas, and it's one of best ways to bring new, refreshed excitement to what you're really passionate about.

With love from my desk to yours,

Laura Max