Music I can ACTUALLY work to (because DAMIEN RICE.)

I love music, but I've never been very good at actually getting my work done while it's playing in the background. For that reason, I typically work in silence, even though I work at home and completely alone (which is reason for anyone to blast their favorite anthems 24/7.) Not I. I do, however, have a select number of artists/songs that don't distract me as much. With the exception of classical music, all of which makes it pretty easy for me to focus, here are a few of my favorite songs to type along with:

1. "Delicate" by Damien Rice

2. "The Wind" by Cat Stevens

3. "Something in the way she moves" by James Taylor

4. The entire "Born and Raised" album by John Mayer

5. "9 Crimes" by Damien Rice

6. Everything Damien Rice has ever written

7. "Orange Sky" by Alexi Murdoch

8. "That Dress Looks Nice on You" by Sufjan Stevens

9. "Helplessly Hoping" by Crosby, Stills & Nash

10. "Gypsy" by Fleetwood Mac

11. "Samson" by Regina Spektor

12. "Change" by Tracy Chapman

13. "Oh, my sweet Carolina" by Ryan Adams

14. "New York City" by Norah Jones

15. "Landed" by Ben Folds

16. "Video Games" by Lana Del Ray

What are your favorite "listen while you work" tunes? Leave me your favorites in the comments - I'll add them to my list!