How to Practice Self Care if you're a (recovering) perfectionist

Dear TLF Reader, For a long time, I've really struggled with self care. I spent my first 20 years on this planet not having a CLUE what it was, and I've spent the last 6 trying to find out and learning new ways of loving myself that work for me. Self care isn't exactly something we're taught in school, and when you grow up thinking that any free minute you have is time you should spend working or giving to others, it's tough to figure out how in the world to "take some time for yourself." Taking "me time" sometimes feels as awkward as trying to stick my elbow up my nose (yeah, or maybe as awkward as that visual...) I've come to understand that I need to give myself more of what I need so I can do more of what I love from a FULL tank ... as opposed to an empty one.

While I now have a lot of self care understanding in my arsenal, that doesn't mean I always put it into practice. Lately, I haven't felt like I'm "allowed" to slow down. After getting about nine signs from the universe in the form of email blasts from some of my favorite spiritual teachers and this video blog from Gabby Bernstein, I decided it was time to put my foot on the break. In the midst of piling to-do lists and what seems like a never ending flow of "things I should be doing right now", yesterday evening I just I dropped it all and hopped in the bath. No phone, no connection to anything work related, just silence for me, myself and I. Let me tell you something: after less than an hour of self care, I felt so much better.

What's more? My one little self care activity left me wanting more of them. In just a few minutes it became so much easier to recognize how much I needed time for myself, and how much more of it I'm actually craving in ways I haven't been able to get in touch with recently. Once I slowed down, so did the world around me. Life felt so much less urgent because I suddenly shot right up to the top of my priority list.

If you're feeling exhausted and like you need some good old lovin' from you today, I invite you to check out this list of ways you can give to you. Like my friend Lindsey O'Connor who posted it says: YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO THEM ALL AT ONCE! Recovering perfectionists: it's okay. You can just pick one :D

Whatever is on your "list" today, may you always be right at the very top! If you liked this love-note, you can get them delivered directly to your inbox once a week by subscribing here. With so much love,

Laura Max