How Negative Bank Balances Could Mean Positive Change

I love millennials, I am a millennial, and my latest vocation includes telling you all about us as the millennial correspondent, AKA "in-house millennial" on Fox 26 in Houston, Texas. As an individual, I believe I'm here to engage, empathize and inspire whatever audience I'm graced with, and through this latest endeavor I've been shedding lots of light on millennial dream chasers: how we act, why we act that way, and why we'll change the world (hint: we already have.) My latest story today was on one of our less fortunate issues as a generation: our debt problem. As a millennial myself, I know that while our generation tend to put off marriage until their early thirties, we're still forming a very intimate relationship with our favorite nagging aunt: Sallie Mae. Student debt and medical bills in particular have caused over 20 million millennials to seek the comforts of home on their parents couches, instead of in the homes they thought they would have when they graduated with their big, expensive degrees. But hey, you know me: I'm all about seeing the bright side. I don't believe in shaming an entire generation because of how things might look on the outside, but instead, I think it's very important that we look at the very specific ways that this generation has evolved from the last one and take every measure possible to utilize our skills and circumstances for the greater good of everyone. In fact, I think that's out destiny. Check out my latest on Fox 26 and hear more about the circumstances that debt has brought upon millennials, and how camping out on mom and dad's couch might actually be helping some of us follow our dreams and change the world. As always, I would LOVE to hear your feedback and suggestions for my next segment - please leave any comments or suggestions you have below!




Laura Max

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