Hey, anyone know all the answers?

I got home from work last night on one of those rare evenings when I actually didn't have a post-work activity. Of course, my ease into relaxation was fairly haphazard considering the infrequency of a real night off, and I took to my laptop to begin writing. As I looked over the three paragraphs I'd typed up in less than five minutes, I couldn't believe it - I loved what I wrote. There was just this one problem: it had no resolve, no ending.

I copied what I'd written into an email and sent it off to my best friend. "It's not finished yet," I told her "but I think this is one my favorite things I've ever written."  Feeling like I had unfinished business to take care of, I returned to Microsoft Word and attempted to create a conclusion. By the time I'd finished the piece, my friend Allison came over for dinner.

"Allison, I HAVE to read you this, can I read you this???" I jumped.

"Of course!" she, one of my biggest cheerleaders, responded.

I grabbed my laptop and read my latest work, line by line, to my friend.

And then, there was a moment of silence.

"I love the beginning, it's so authentic," she said. "But, do you have to have an answer at the end?"

I confessed to Allison that the "answer" I'd come up with for purposes of the piece was actually an afterthought, something I'd written to save the piece from sounding incomplete.

"You don't have to have an answer for everything," she said. "I like it without the answer. It just is."

'Ohyou mean I don't have to know everything???' I thought to myself.

What a relief.