Cheers4Charities: How to REALLY give back this year in Houston

It didn't take long after moving to Houston, Texas, to realize this city is really all about raising money to do just about anything that will help out another human being. For many Houstonians, philanthropy and charity work come right after brushing their teeth in the morning: giving back is a regular part of the daily routine (a southern tradition I'm proud of.) If we don't have the funds, we give our time. My friend, who must work at least 50-60 hours a week, just went through a pretty rigorous process to become certified to volunteer at a local children's Cancer hospital. We find time where there is none to give to those who need it most. But amidst all this giving back, it became apparent to Peter Remington, publisher of Modern Luxury Houston magazine, that while many charities and organizations are gaining popularity and raising some serious dough, others are much smaller and under-the-radar. These smaller non-profit organizations are still doing GREAT work for our children and our city, and it's up to us to give them what they need to make a real difference. From this tiny, brilliant idea, Peter brought "Cheers4Charities" to life.

Cheers4Charities is a now-annual event taking place this upcoming November 17th to benefit 4 smaller and in-need charities in the Houston area. These four charities do everything from decorating a sick child's hospital bedroom (Dec My Room), to giving kids eyeglasses (Eye Care for Kids.) "Be An Angel" helps children with disabilities and profound deafness have better lives, and "Kids' Meals" feeds countless schoolchildren both during and outside school hours who would otherwise go without food.

I am proud to be joining my husband, Ben Rose, Alex and Robin Brennan Martin in co-chairing this incredible super-hero themed event in the fall (that's right, folks, it's a DRESS UP party!) We're looking to fill the room with as many supporters as possible, and hope you'll be there with us in November to really give back. If you'd like to purchase tickets to the event, please click here. Or, if you'd rather give your time, please click on any of the links below to be directed to the website of the charity you choose and contact them directly:

Dec My Room

Kids' Meals

Eye Care for Kids

Be An Angel

Thank you, Houston, for supporting these worthwhile causes. Our children need us to light up the road to a better life, and together we can make change happen.

The Co-Chairs: Ben, Me, Robin and Alex PC:  Mike Charlton

Cheers speaking

Cheers 1

Mom and I