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Re-Claiming The Assets You Thought Were Weaknesses

I've been doing a lot of writing lately on the veil of social media and what it can lead us to believe about ourselves, whether it's that we're not good enough, don't have enough, or have too many tough or sad moments while others seemingly have none to speak of. I've chronicled my tale of socially-acceptable cyberstalking and what happens when internet "inspiration" gets dangerous, but of course it's all come from the same place that all of my writing comes from: a need to better understand myself and serve others by articulating what I'm experiencing to other people. A few months ago, it came as a total shock when one of the women I regularly view from behind a screen as being virtually flawless sent me a Facebook message. I couldn't believe what she said: "You seem to have everything SO figured out." she messaged me.

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"Just Chew it": Lessons from my dog on a life fully lived

Yesterday I had the honor of sitting down for lunch with 7 friends at the impeccably delicious Del Frisco's Grille to give a "talk" on one of my favorite topics: "Turning a new leaf." I love new beginnings, and with the Jewish New Year just a day or so behind us, my season of renewal is upon me. What I've come to understand about the passage of time is that we need definitive breaks on a scheduled basis to help us divide our lives into chapters. Without these marked beginnings and endings, there would be no room for recalibration, clean slates and acknowledgement of progress. 

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What are you looking at? The consequences of socially-acceptable cyberstalking in the digital age.

Our psyches are like sponges, and not too long ago, choosing what we did or did not expose ourselves to was much easier. We had fewer choices, and we had much less access to the private (and suddenly very public) life of the person who bullied us in 5th grade or the guy/girl who broke our hearts about 7 times before we finally stopped barking up his or her tree. We could learn our lessons and humbly move on with little to no interaction left to be had with the people who taught us the hard stuff. As we evolved and changed, the cast of characters in our lives and the people we "knew things" about changed too. That was until we were all graced with the socially acceptable form of legal stalking that we politely refer to as "social media." 

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