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"Am I enjoying my pregnancy enough?" and other bizarre questions I've been asking myself lately

It dawned on me a few days ago that I'm now only 15 weeks away from my due date. 15 weeks. Seriously, WHAT IS THAT?! 15 more weekends, 15 more Mondays that I think are manic but won't really know the concept of manic until I have a manic baby, 15 more weeks of showering regularly (so I'm told), 15 more weeks of raw, unadulterated emotion with no wine to stem the tide.

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Adele drops the first song of "25". Where were you at "21"?

Adele dropped her newest single "Hello" yesterday, and if you don't know it by heart already, you probably weren't one of the millions of individuals that have been waiting impatiently for this moment for 4 years with "21" playing on repeat. I vividly remember going for the $12.99 iTunes store purchase and downloading what would become the soundtrack for my next several years of life. I was in London traveling solo during the Summer of 2011; it was a very different time for me, but Adele's music kept playing throughout my changing years. 

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