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In five seconds, this made me feel like a better parent

If you've ever seen the movie "Trumbo", it's easy to visualize my husband's nighttime routine. Every evening, he takes up to three baths, each with several of his favorite newspapers in tow. He usually summons me when he comes across something interesting that's worth sharing, and tonight was no different: 

"Laura, have you ever heard of attachment parenting?" he shouted from the bathroom. 

Well, that's a new one,  I thought to myself.

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Today is my due date!

I was scare-free until yesterday when I was getting a pedicure with my friend and thought my water might have broken. "It's that, or I just peed in my pants again," I told her. One trip to the 11th floor later and it was confirmed that my second guess was right: water is still in tact, I just need to strongly consider switching to Depends for however much longer this child takes to join us.

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A mother's day in between.

I woke up this morning trying to figure out if it was Sunday or Monday. Could I just roll over, or was I already running late for something? Was I allowed to keep sleeping, or did I need to race over to my computer? I finally recalled that yesterday was Saturday, so today must be Sunday. But a different Sunday. Today is Mother's Day.

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"Am I enjoying my pregnancy enough?" and other bizarre questions I've been asking myself lately

It dawned on me a few days ago that I'm now only 15 weeks away from my due date. 15 weeks. Seriously, WHAT IS THAT?! 15 more weekends, 15 more Mondays that I think are manic but won't really know the concept of manic until I have a manic baby, 15 more weeks of showering regularly (so I'm told), 15 more weeks of raw, unadulterated emotion with no wine to stem the tide.

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Re-Claiming The Assets You Thought Were Weaknesses

I've been doing a lot of writing lately on the veil of social media and what it can lead us to believe about ourselves, whether it's that we're not good enough, don't have enough, or have too many tough or sad moments while others seemingly have none to speak of. I've chronicled my tale of socially-acceptable cyberstalking and what happens when internet "inspiration" gets dangerous, but of course it's all come from the same place that all of my writing comes from: a need to better understand myself and serve others by articulating what I'm experiencing to other people. A few months ago, it came as a total shock when one of the women I regularly view from behind a screen as being virtually flawless sent me a Facebook message. I couldn't believe what she said: "You seem to have everything SO figured out." she messaged me.

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