Believe in Miracles: My Experience Meeting Gabby Bernstein

gabby3About three years ago, I was waiting in line for the bathroom at a local Boston bookstore when a book on one of the shelves stuck out to me. The spine of the book read "Spirit Junkie" by Gabby Bernstein, and at first glance, I didn't know whether I was more intrigued by the title itself or by the fact that there was actually a book in the self-help section that I hadn't heard of yet. I grabbed it to check it out and saw something else I hadn't seen before: a gorgeous, millennial-looking woman who aesthetically resembled Carrie Bradshaw, standing in four inch heels, spreading the gospel of spirituality. I speed-read each page to find she had turned her journey of recovery from addiction into a life of miracles and inspiration, and she was now working full-time to encourage the world to "fall in love with spirit" and chase connection with our inner guidance system. As she would say, she turned her "mess" into a "message." To my own surprise, I didn't leave with her book in my hands that day. I was too overwhelmed that there was an actually an individual out there who was doing something so bold with her own life (and doing it in fabulous footwear) that I couldn't bear knowing she existed. In the second I saw the book on the shelf, I knew that following my very similar dream was really possible, and I spent months upon months trying to avoid that truth. Finally, I stumbled upon Gabby again through social media, and her book made its way into my hands when I was finally ready to read it and embrace the rather epic-ly large reality that there was someone out there who was doing "what I want to be when I grow up." It was in fact possible, and there are tools I can put to work to get there if I really want to do it too.

At this point, after having Gabby's quotes on my walls, her photos on my instagram feed, and watching her YouTube videos and lectures on an almost daily-basis, she feels like a best friend. The fact that I hadn't met her yet was almost like some odd caveat that didn't really make much of a difference: this woman has led me and guided me, even though she's only visible on my laptop screen. Having made several structural changes in my own life recently to further walk down the path of my own dreams, I had been musing to my boyfriend, Ben,  about her for the past week. Then, something miraculous happened: last Thursday, I found out she would be in Houston, speaking at the hotel next to my apartment, the very next day.

Hyperventilation was the only practical response. The second I found out she was coming, I knew I was going to have to get there, but I wasn't sure how. Luckily for me, seeing that I was basically beyond the ability to form any kind of comprehensible speech, Ben went out of his way to find out who the honoree was at the luncheon where Gabby was speaking the next day, get her cell phone number, call her,  find me a seat at her table, and get me the best job I've ever had to date: being Gabby's volunteer while she signed her latest book for all of the guests.

I screamed for about three hours when I found out this would be my next day's vocation. I went from laughing, to crying, to screaming, and then hugging Ben, over and over while repeating "Thank you, thank you, but SERIOUSLY, thank you," like I was a little girl who just found out she was going to Disney world for her birthday. I was totally overwhelmed, and more excited than I've probably ever been in my life.

The next day was beyond what I'd ever imagined. I got to meet my hero, hug her close to ten times (true story), tell her how important she was to me and hear her speak in front of so many who had never heard her message before. To me, even though I've heard her story over and over, there was nothing that could beat hearing in person. Now, my next goal is to get to see her at her Spirit Junkie Masterclass in NYC in the Fall!

Gabby writes and lectures about miracles, which means making a conscious choice to choose love over fear in each moment and every situation. When we choose love, miracles happen. I am so grateful for all of the miracles in my life, for each moment I've been able to let go of fear and walk into love, for the ways Gabby's teachings have taught me, and for the miracle of getting to meet her in person last Friday. To everyone in the universe that came together to make that possible for me, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! May you all have a wonderful week, filled with love and inspiration.


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