A fabulous outfit = a big day for The Light Files.

Today is a big day for The Light Files. Though only three posts (now four posts) old, The Light Files is something I'd been "conceptualizing" for a while.  While I wasn't yet producing content, I had an idea in my mind of what I wanted the blog to look and feel like.  Today, I am hoping to employ a web designer, coworker and friend to implement a design I'm crazy about. Drumroll, please... The important thing to note here is that I, Laura Max Nelson, was actually able to START writing in a blog that I didn't particularly like the appearance of. There are no guarantees that the aesthetic of The Light Files will be changing overnight, but leave it to me to work on that piece of the puzzle before actually working on the writing part.  The writing part is more vulnerable, whereas the design part is more creative in a way that lends itself less to gut-spilling and more to critical acclaim. Now that I've finally surrendered and dived in to writing on a blog with only average appearance, I'm thrilled to put a put a more fabulous outfit on this whole endeavor.

You can bet I'll be back with an update as soon as I have one - we can't wait to show off our new ensemble!


Laura Max