5 things I promised myself I would never do as a parent that I'm totally doing

This morning, I posted the above photo to Instagram and noted how funny it is that I promised myself I would never share so many photos of my daughter on social media once she was born. Now here I am, trying as hard as I can every day to only post one photo as opposed to the twelve I wish I could share without losing every follower I have. One person commented on the photo about how much our parenting style changes once we actually become parents, and I couldn't help but laugh because there are so many things I do now that I'm a parent that I promised myself I wouldn't:

1. Our baby sleeps in her own room. We don't co-sleep.

I was 17 when I read "The Continuum Concept", one of the first books written in the '70s about co-sleeping. I promised myself that our children would sleep in our bed until they were 4, and by four weeks, our daughter was sleeping in her own room. I've heard all about how much we're destroying her and hindering her emotional development, but what if I told you that she seriously WON'T fall asleep anywhere but her own crib?! It's her favorite place to be, and we're so happy about that because we're able to love on her even MORE when we're well-rested (have you heard a newborn sleep? Babies are loud!)

2. We started using formula after a month of breastfeeding

I never thought breastfeeding would be as hard as they said it was until I tried it. It wasn't for me, and the decision to stop was more painful than I ever thought it would be. Ultimately, we were all much happier when we switched to formula, and I learned a lot when we made the transition (you can read more about that here.)

3. Our baby is in daycare

...and she loves it. Like, capital "L" loves. I work from home, but our nanny situation didn't work out as planned (I was beyond distracted, plus a few other issues.) Daycare worked out at the last minute when I desperately needed a childcare option, and after a few days, I found myself feeling grateful that we had a place to take our daughter that makes her so happy. It's super convenient and I'm so glad our kiddo has a bunch of awesome adults loving on her while she's there. She doesn't have any older siblings, so it's also a great way for her to learn skills by watching other babies.

4. I have more than just Honest Company products in my diaper bag

Sometimes, you just have to use what works. I buy and use organic products as often as possible, but sometimes (and especially in the diaper arena), you have to focus a little more on functionality...

5. We used a pacifier in the first few weeks...because it WORKED!

I don't know why, but I came in contact with a lot of anti-paci folks when Selma was a newborn. Our pediatrician gave us more-than-permission to use one and they were lifesavers in those first few weeks. After about a month or so, she stopped liking them, so we avoided the whole weaning issue anyway.

Parents, we gotta do what we gotta do. In the end, nothing I mentioned above matters nearly as much as all the hugs, love and kisses. We knew we'd give our baby lots of those, but just like everything else, we really had no idea how much until we met her.

Laura Max RoseComment