Welcome to the world, Selma Baines Rose

On September 2nd at 10:39 PM, after 30 hours of labor that concluded in a c-section delivery, our daughter Selma Baines Rose was born. (*Authors note: if you're wondering why it's taken me almost two weeks to publish this birth announcement, know that Selma pooped about 4 times during its production and I typed most of it with one hand.) 

Nothing could have prepared my husband and I for our daughter's lengthy entry into this world, but as many might recall from their own experience or birth story, none of it mattered when we saw her sweet punim come over the barrier between my head and my insides strewn out on the table and heard the doctors yell "we have a cry!" 

I was exactly 41 weeks pregnant when Selma was born and the days that led up to that moment felt endless. I was scheduled to be induced on August 30th, but every hospital in Houston was filled to the brim with patients in active labor. Since I was a scheduled induction (I hadn't dilated at all by the time Selma was due), I was repeatedly pushed to the back of the labor line. My husband and I were awake for nearly three days waiting to be called into the hospital because we could get the call to come in "at any time really", and needless to say we were getting pretty sleep deprived before we even had a baby to be accountable for. Finally, my doctor had to have me come in for another weekly check up since I was still pregnant, and during my appointment with him in our hospital building, the labor and delivery floor called us from upstairs and told us my room was finally ready. That was the beginning of the ride of our lives.

While there was certainly a lot of pain involved in her arrival (when you get an infection 24 hours into delivering your baby and your epidural stops working, sh*t starts getting real), there was also a tremendous amount of joy. I wasn't sure how I would feel about visitors coming while I was in active labor, but since the process was taking so long we ended up having cousins and friends fill the room until things started to get a little scary. I laughed so hard in the first hours of labor that it completely took me away from thinking about any pain that might be ahead. Being surrounded by so much love was beautiful.

I have so much more to say, but I fear if I were to say it all right now, I may never actually finish this post and it would be ages before you heard from me again. Also, having a newborn in the first few weeks is kind of like being Larry David: you know that what's happening in your life would probably be really funny to an outsider, but while you're actually going through it, you feel a lot like...well...Larry David. Baby rearing is really much funnier when told about in retrospect, and since I'm still running on far less sleep than I'm used to and right in the throes of it all, I'll keep this post brief. I want to conclude by saying how thankful both Ben and I are for the outpouring of support we've received from friends and family during this time - it really does take a village, and I don't know how would we have gotten to this point without the helping hands that have come to our rescue over these past 12 days. We are in awe of our little baby girl, and oh, how I can't wait for all of the stories there will be to tell.

Thank you for being on this journey with all of us.